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Too Much Sex…

Do you have a friend who is always hanging his tongue out like a dog in a cartoon? That is probablybecause he gets too ca real swinger much sex. Wait a minute, don’t have a heart attack on me. We have all had buddies who complained that their woman wants too much sex. If you have never been in a relationship like this, count yourself as being lucky. You always dream about a woman who never says no, but you never dream about a woman who will nag real first time swinger story you all day long about sex. This happens and I have had it happen to me. Let me tell you a little story. I would make sure you are sitting down, because this will blow your mind. You think you want a woman who always wants sex?
You won’t after you real swinger tn read this…

I met this nice girl at a city park actually. I don’t remember how it happened exactly. I think I was playing Frisbee with real swinger tx a few guy friends and she came over. She said that she loved Frisbee and asked if she could play along. I wasn’t going to say no.

We played for awhile, ga real swinger actually I sat out for a few minutes to drink a beer and watch her tits jiggle as she threw the Frisbee around. She came over and told me she was thirsty and asked if I had a beer she could have. We had a few beers, got loose and talked for awhile.

My buddies left and al real swinger I kept the cooler with the beer in it because it was mine. We sat and drank beer until it got dark. We probably had about 12 beers each and we were feeling pretty good. I was enjoying our conversation, even though we were pretty much plastered.

I lived about a il real swinger ten minute walk from the park. I asked her if she would like to come back to my house for a few more beers. I didn’t think it would fly, I figured she was just out for free beers. Much to my surprise she took me up on the offer.

We went back to real swinger party pic my place and drank a few more beers. She pulled out a joint from her cigarette pack and asked if I would like to smoke it with her. Pot is one of those things that I either do it or I don’t. I mean, I might smoke some joints for a few weeks and not touch it for a few years. I hadn’t smoked pot in a few years, real swinger sex story but I thought what the hell. I might as well smoke some of her pot since she had been drinking my beer all day long.

We smoked the joint gallery picture real swinger and drank a few more beers. We were shit faced and then she started to get all over me. Before I could realize what she was doing, she was sucking my hard penis. Hell, it happened so fast, I was shocked that I was even hard.

Shortly after all of ny real swingers this happened she moved in with me. It started out as being great. We would walk down to the park and have sex on the playground toys. I thought she was the best thing since sliced bread. We probably had sex at least five times a day. She wanted it as soon as she woke up, after every meal, and once before bed. I oh real swinger kid you not, she wanted it like clock work. If she was having a good day, she might want to have sex in the evening while watching television or she would stop by my work to have a quickie during my lunch break.

I hadn’t been laid swinger orgy for a month or two before meeting her, so the sex was a much needed release. After awhile though, I stopped wanting to have sex on my lunch break. I actually wanted to eat! But oh no, she was horny and she needed me to take care of her.

I couldn’t over sleep. orgy party swinger On the weekends I like to sleep in a little late and catch up on some z’s that I might have missed during the week. Not with her around I couldn’t. She would wake me up at the brink of dawn to have sex with her. I wasn’t allowed to sleep in.

The moral of the amateur swinger orgy story is, being with someone like this is your worst nightmare. It might sound like fun for the first week or two, but trust me, it isn’t what you think it is.

Here we will briefly swinger orgy pic discuss why a woman might have such a strong sex drive.

She confuses sex for love. Women do this all the time. They think that if you bang them you love them. Humans have been around for millions of years, but they still haven’t gotten a grasp on this.

She might be covering up something from her past. Women can use sex as a way of covering up bad things that have happened in their lives. She might have been in a bad car wreck and seen one of her girl friends die or something. Things can mess up the mind and people want to escape.

Inadequacy. She might feel that she isn’t worthy of anyone’s love. She will use sex to make her feel like you love her.

She is an addict. Crack cocaine isn’t the only thing that is addictive, women can get addicted to sex. They might also use this as a means for relieving stress.

Hey, they just want to get laid! Some women just like sex. What is wrong with that? Some people want to get the nasty as many times as they can before they leave this planet.

Unless it is a pain in the ass, which it very easily can be, I wouldn’t worry to much about this. I wouldn’t get paranoid if your new girlfriend wants to get it on every other hour. If you see this kind of behavior over a period of months or years, I would suggest that you talk to her about it. She might just love sex, but there could be a problem. Sometimes people use sex to cover things up that they could take care of if they talked to a therapist.

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